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Residential Options

Residential Options

The people who receive services at Black Hills Works have many residential options available to them, each offering a different environment and level of support.  Training is provided in all aspects of daily life, including meals, finances, health, transportation, recreation and relationships. The goal is to prepare individuals for the future by teaching towards independence and ensuring overall well being. At the same time, efforts are made to help people maintain and expand the connections they have with others and to have an active role in there community as a neighbor, friend, or volunteer.

Residential options at Black Hills Works include:

  • Apartment living (single & double)
  • Leased homes
  • Home ownership
  • Group homes
  • Family homes

To schedule a tour of our residential services, contact Admissions Coordinator, Kathy Staton, at (605) 718-6273 or email Kathy Staton

More people are waiting for residential services due to family or emergency circumstances.  To financially support the establishment of homes the adults with disabilities for those we support:  Donate Here