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Finding the way

People supported by Black Hills Works can now travel with ease thanks to new technology implemented by the technology team. Individuals can now utilize a smartphone app known as WayFinder to navigate the city bus routes.

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Gala wows again!

Mike Braden, Emmy Olsen, Ordean Stevenson and Briana Wangsness were honored with Outstanding Achievement Awards at the Black Hills Works Gala on November 5. Xanterra received our Employer of the Year Award and Rhonda Grant and Marguerite Reyelts were honored with Volunteer of the Year awards.

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Career Pathways moves downtown

Career Pathways has joined BakeWorks and the Suzie Cappa Art Center at the Black Hills Works location in downtown Rapid City. Career Pathways assists the people we support with employment preparation.

Connie Whitley, who was one of the Outstanding Achievement Award winners at the Black Hills Works Gala in 2013 and the 2011 Artist of the Year, recently added another to her long list of accomplishments. She wrote and published a book, Finding Happiness, in which she tells her story and shares encouragement and wisdom for people with disabilities, as well as the employees, families, and others who support them. In 2014, another dream came true for Connie when she and her sweetheart Jim Nelson held a commitment ceremony at Canyon Lake Park, surrounded by family and friends.