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Cindy, Anne and Elizabeth’s totally excellent Caribbean adventure

The adventures of three best friends and their six day Carnival Cruise to Caribbean.

“I couldn’t get over the fact that I was on this ship,” Cindy Roan Eagle said of the six-day Carnival Cruise she, Anne Torgerson and Elizabeth Warner took to the Caribbean this winter. “It was like, ‘Ooh-lah-lah.’”

The trio of friends—all supported by Black Hills Works—left last November from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and made port at Grand Turk and Nassau in the Bahamas. Roan Eagle said she particularly enjoyed the food, the comedy club on board, and seeing humpback whales. For Warner, the best part was just being on the ocean (though she does recommend Dramamine for cruise passengers, something she learned the hard way after taking a cruise several years ago with her mother).

And then there was Torgerson, whose trip got off on the wrong foot—literally—when she stumbled on the escalator in Detroit International Airport. She sprained her ankle and hurt her foot, but she says she still had a wonderful time, despite hobbling the whole cruise.

Torgerson, who works at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center as a dishwasher, said she loved the sunsets and was especially impressed with the sights on Grand Turk, in particular a church built in the 1800s. She also enjoyed the animals the housekeeping staff created out of hand towels and washcloths every day. She is a singer—it is one of her favorite past times. “I did karaoke every night and met some really nice people.”

The cruise was, in part, a Christmas gift from one of Torgerson’s siblings. Roan Eagle and Warner, on the other hand, made payments for the cruise each month, saving money they earned through jobs they were hired for through Black Hills Works’ workforce training programs. Roan Eagle works in housekeeping at Comfort Inn. Warner works as a baker at BakeWorks, and has since it opened last summer in downtown Rapid City. The two have known each other since the early 1990s when they both worked in hotel housekeeping. They are best friends and roommates.

Preparing for the cruise wasn’t easy. Pinching pennies, planning, and getting passports all took time, but Warner said they did have the help of a travel agent. And it was worth it, Roan Eagle added. “It was very wonderful and very memorable. We totally enjoyed ourselves.”

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