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Latest Blog Posts

Latest Blog Posts

A New Credentialing Program

"I’m learning a lot and feeling more confident." - Sheena Keogh

Celebrating 20 Years of Work... and Spreading Joy

Tom Brought Plenty has been an important part of the McKie company for the last two decades......

Why I Give

"Black Hills Works not only provides hundreds of work opportunities each year, it helps connect people with disabilities with the community around them. That matters."

Working Out with Abbi

There are two things Abbi Wells likes people to know about her. One is that she’s a big fan of Betty Boop—her room is filled with the cartoon character’s memorabilia. The other is.....

It Takes A Village

“The people we support are like your family." - Kimberly Tollman

What’s your why?

“My ‘why’ is absolutely the people” - Ian Kellar

Don't Freak Out!

Some good advice that we can all use.

Amplifying Their Voice

It was while on a trip to the South Dakota legislature this spring that Black Hills Works President and CEO Brad Saathoff was reminded of how important it is for people with disabilities to be heard....

Business Receives National Recognition For Employing People With Disabilities

Black Hills Corporation has been a tremendous partner of Black Hills Works.

Gardening skills blossom at GrowWorks

Black Hills Works is always seeking to customize employment opportunities for people supported. A new social enterprise venture, GrowWorks, is in direct response to an interest in gardening that people supported have asked for—while also providing a new service to Rapid City.