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Don't Freak Out!

Some good advice that we can all use.

Don’t freak out! Sometimes the people we support are a great support to new employees. Just ask Melissa Horvath, who joined Black Hills Works just over one year ago as a direct support professional. “Cindy Rooney was a godsend to me as a new employee,” she recalled. “Anytime I haven’t been sure about how to do something, Cindy has been so helpful. She is patient and knowledgeable and has a terrific sense of humor.”

“I honestly give credit to Cindy for my success so far as an employee of Black Hills Works, and believe in my heart that she is a resource that can be useful for more new hires.”

This isn’t the first time staff have celebrated the contributions Rooney makes to employees. “She always tells staff to, “just breathe” and “don’t freak out.”

That’s advice we can all use...

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