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People Supported Needs

People Supported Needs

Nursing Services

Black Hills Works ensures a quality of life beyond the basic needs. A healthy life-style and the best possible health for each person served is critical.  The nursing staff provides education on health issues; maintain health records; utilize other community health practitioners; ensure that routine examinations are received; and assist with medical emergencies. The nursing department also provides training to agency employees on a variety of preventative health issues. Personal health care is offered to people with more severe disabilities. Personal hygiene, dental care, feeding assistance, and other forms of care are a main concern and not always are all these needs completely met by their funding sources.

Many medical expenses are not covered by Medicaid/Medicare. Your donations help to off-set these costs. Donate now.

Fitness & Sport Center

Participants in the Black Hills Works Health, Fitness & Sport Center enjoy a fully equipped gymnasium, workout area and Shorty's Game Room named after Wilfred "Shorty" & Margaret Rasmussen who established a sustaining gift in trust form several years ago. The over 615 people we serve can choose from a variety of games like basketball, bocce ball, pickle ball, kick ball and croquet. There is a walking program that features a LiteGait on one of the many treadmills, a Wii Bowling League and individuals can also play horseshoes and baseball on the fields behind the gym.

Promote healthy lifestyles through your gifts to the Fitness Center.  Donate now.

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology is anything or way of doing things that makes a person "functionally independent." That's a made-up human service term meaning the person is able to do the things in their lives that are important to them: dressing, getting around, communicating with those they love, spending their time doing what means the most to them. Assistive technology can be a clapper that allows someone to turn on the light switch when they wake up in the morning. It can be elastic shoe laces that help them to keep their shoes tight without having to learn how to tie them. It can be a stand for their blow dryer if they can't hold it themselves. It can be a fax machine or Ipad to send notes and photos to their family when they aren't able to talk or write. It could be a prepaid debit card that is reloaded with new spending money each week because someone has trouble understanding budgeting. Many times, a simple compensation is the difference between "not able to," and "able to, by myself." A donation to the Assistive Technology Program will help the Black Hills Works Foundation support more independence for adults with disabilities.

Your contribution towards Assistive Technology enables independence, connections and empowerment.  Donate now.