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Workforce Training

Workforce Training

Black Hills Works believes in a community where everyone achieves a life of full potential.  Meaningful work is a critical component of this vision, one that provides a sense of pride and accomplishment in addition to a needed source of income for those we support.  Vocational supports and BH Services helps participants to identify their strengths and develop their skills with the goal of attaining competitive employment.  A variety of work settings, skill sets, and schedules are available for the people we support to choose from. 

Independent Community Employment

Our Employment Resources staff can help participants receive the assessments and on-the-job training needed to prepare them for a job opening in a community business.  Through our business partnerships, we have the opportunity to match people to available positions and provide intermittent follow-up support to maintain independent employment.  

Contact Kathy Laforest for more information at (605) 718-6223 or email Kathy Laforest

Supported Community Employment on Location

Black Hills Works has business partnerships where crews of participants are led by a support staff to complete needed services on location.  Hotel housekeeping, janitorial, and groundskeeping are a few examples of the types of service these crews provide.  Rapid City Regional Hospital is another supported site where employees assist with packaging.  Assessment, training, and ongoing support are the benefits of this vocational option.

Email Bill Pashby for more information.

Federal Contracts

BH Services, an affiliate of Black Hills Works, provides job opportunities for adults with disabilities as it fulfills federal contracts.  Many of these contracts are based at Ellsworth Air Force Base, where we support the Commissary, Food Services (Raider Cafe) and Janitorial needs. 

Email Marty Krause for more infomration.

Contracted Services within a Supported Setting

Black Hills Works Industries and Concourse create the opportunity for individuals to contribute to contracted services.  These services are provided within a Black Hills Works setting with the support of employees who train on work habits and task specific skill-sets.  These are typically daytime hours and include tasks such as mailing, collating, packaging, sorting, and assembly.  E-Recycling and Dakota Laser Tech services also provide opportunity for skill development in a supported setting. 

Email Dawn Wozna for more information.