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Special Olympics

Special Olympics

"The Rapid City Storm" is the moniker for our Special Olympics program at Black Hills Works. As perennially one of the two biggest Special Olympics delegations in the state, the Rapid City Storm provides athletic opportunities for over 300 athletes at Black Hills Works in a wide array of sports. The Storm participates annually in both team and individual sports on both a local and state level. Team sports include softball, basketball, volleyball and soccer. Individual sports include track and field, equestrian, power lifting, aquatics, and bowling.

The Storm also encourages community involvement and inclusion through its participation in Unified Sports. The Unified division allows Special Olympians to compete side-by-side on the field with community volunteers who perform the role of player/coach. Unified Sports include softball, basketball, and a new addition we are sampling—bocce. We also strive to teach social awareness and independence by encouraging our athletes to participate in and take ownership of their own fundraisers. It is very common to see our athletes "freezin' for a reason" and jumping in their own annual fundraising polar plunge, for example.

The Rapid City Storm believes in all of the inherently wonderful things that our athletes gain from their participation in sport and competition—internal drive, teamwork, sportsmanship, pride and dignity—to name a few. It is our objective to provide these wonderful intangibles to all Special Olympians at Black Hills Works.

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