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Artistic Expression

Artistic Expression

The Suzie Cappa Art Center provides education, experience, and exposure for adults with disabilities to explore the arts and their own talents.  There are two locations, one within our day services on Range Rd and another in a downtown studio/gallery at 722 St. Joseph St in Rapid City. The Suzie Cappa Art Center have introduced a whole new world to people, many of whom had never played an instrument, held a paint brush or learned that they were talented. Some have discovered art as a positive means of expression, a source of pride, or a new employment career.

As the original Suzie Cappa location, the Range Road art studio provides a place for people of all abilities to experience the creative arts. We offer exposure to art through tours of local galleries, as well as museums and performances around the world via the internet. For those who want hands-on experience with art, we provide daily classes led by Suzie Cappa instructors, guest artists and dedicated volunteers. We also offer music classes and experiences at our center and help people take music lessons in the community. One of our most popular musical events is our weekly karaoke that gives everyone the chance to be a star. Most participants at this location also receive support with health issues, personal care, transportation, or medications during the day.  Range Road artists may display and sell their work in the downtown Suzie Cappa gallery. 

The downtown location is home to both a studio and a gallery for the public.  Over 25 artists focus on their chosen artform from this location and receive further education from center staff, local artists and volunteers.  Support is then provided with marketing their work and advancing their careers through collaborations with the local art community.  Our collaborations currently include Arts Rapid City, Barefoot Dance Studio, and Community Theatre. We also host several Artists in Residence each year to provide additional education and exposure.  Each month, SCAC holds an Art Night with entertainment, refreshments, and the opportunity to meet the artists. 

To see the work and meet the artists, visit the Suzie Cappa Art Center website

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