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Electronic Recycling Services

Electronic Recycling Services

Echo -Works is a member of the Black Hills Works family  that provides electronic recycling services to the Rapid City community. We're located at 1350 Concourse Drive and we're open  Monday–Fridays (exluding holidays) 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

     CARE:  Electronic waste is accumulating 5 times faster than any other waste. 
     RECYCLE:  Recycle your devices and protect the confidential data it may contain.
     CONTRIBUTE:  When contributing, you also create employment for adults with disabilities. 

We accept electronic devices including computers/laptops, keyboards and other components, flatscreen monitors, Cell phones, tablets, DVR'S, Blueray and DVD/CD players, toner cartridges, projection televisions See price list below. 

Price List
CRT TV monitor or flat screen TV:  $20.00  
Projection TVs 35.00 
Floor copiers  $25.00 PLUS TAX $26.63
Printers, copiers and fax machines $5.00 .
Flat schreen monitors $4.00 
E-Waste 15 cents per pound 
Hard drive shredding $5.00 
Hard drive dhredding plus certificate $7.00 

Labor $40.00 per hour for loading material at business 
Trip fee $40.00 minimum
Mileage  $2.00 per mile over 25 miles 

For pick up, call  (605) 791-0619