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Individual Employment Resources

Individual Employment Resources

Having trouble finding good employees?  Many businesses have called on Black Hills Works to help with this problem. We've earned a reputation for matching qualified employees to a variety of different job descriptions.  Employment Resources will provide the following services to ensure the success of both your business and the employee.  

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Through our Employment Resources division, we give people with disabilities an opportunity to earn an income, while providing much needed services to businesses in our community.  We currently have 67 people we serve were able to achieve independent employment with 46 different employers. Our Employment Resources staff can help with. . .

Job Analysis:  Our employment technicians will visit your business and analyze tasks according to the essential functions, then work to find an employee suited to the job.

Applicant Screening:  Our specialized evaluations and assessments determine an individual's strengths and abilities.  We screen applicants by interviewing and assessing skills and interests.  Education and experience are taken into consideration.  

Tax Credits:  Employment Resources staff can assist you to apply for Work Opportunity Tax Credits, a federal tax incentive available to those who hire people with disabilities.  

Job Site Training:  Our employment technicians are available to assist in training for the skills needed to perform the essential functions of the job.  Training takes place at the worksite to ensure that the employer's standards are met.  

Ongoing Support:  We continue to male ourselves available to meet with both employers and employees to ensure the continuating success of the working relationship.  We are available after placement for consultation, further training, or evaluation as needed to meet the position requirements or to support should issues arise that could interfere with the job placement.  

To consider a person from Black Hills Works for your position, contact Kathy Laforest at (605)718-6223 or email Kathy Laforest.